Holy Basil – How to Cook and Grow

Similar in taste to Thai basil there are two varieties of holy basil, white and red. These are distinguished by the color of the stalks rather than the leaves though they are both variegated plants. As with Thai basil it Read more ›

Radish – The Complete Guide

Of all the salad vegetables I think radish might be my favorite. They just stand out in the crowd, when you have no choice but to buy supermarket salads and the tomatoes taste the same as the cucumber, the cress Read more ›

Thai Salad Dressing – Recipe Nam Jim

A simple and wonderfully addictive salad dressing that is fantastic with freshly cooked seafood and grilled beef. An absolute must have for any Thai kitchen where a salad is offered as part of a shared meal. There are a number Read more ›

Garam Masala – The Complete Guide

Of all the masala mixes that exist in Indian cookery garam masala is the best known although the spice combination is open to debate. Garam masala translates as ‘hot spice’ but a closer look at the ingredients would suggest something Read more ›