Sea Purslane

A bit of a favorite of mine, Sea Purslane has a beautiful, natural salty flavor which, when picked young makes an excellent addition to salads and seafood dishes. Sea Purslane can be found on salt marshes throughout the year and Read more ›

Vietnamese Mint – How to Cook and Grow

Also known as Vietnamese coriander, Cambodian mint and laksa Leaf this has to be my favorite Asian herb. Native to peninsular South-East Asia this is a perennial herb, which has striking pointed leaves, lime green in color with dark inner Read more ›

Lemongrass – How to Cook and Grow

The lemongrass plant (also known as citronella) is a staple of many Southeast Asian soups and curries. It plays a leading role in the repertoire of Thai and Vietnamese cuisine in particular, imparting its heady citrus flavor into salads, soups Read more ›

Holy Basil – How to Cook and Grow

Similar in taste to Thai basil there are two varieties of holy basil, white and red. These are distinguished by the color of the stalks rather than the leaves though they are both variegated plants. As with Thai basil it Read more ›